Our Goal Is To Partner With Parents To Help Kids Develop A Personal Relationship With Jesus.

Children’s lives are impacted by committed volunteers teaching age appropriate Bible truths and providing families with resources to have meaningful conversations to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Our caretakers and volunteers have completed all the required California State Clearances as well those required by The Connection Church. This allows your child to be in a safe and encouraging environment.

Contact Mayra Flores with questions or interest in getting your children or yourself involved in this exciting, growing ministry. (657)351-8294 or email


To partner with families in training their children to...

Know God

Love God passionately

Love others genuinely

Serve Christ boldly

Click "Gen Tube For Kids" and watch the videos.


Gen Tube is a special space for young children to watch Christian videos made by animation or cartoons. Gen Tube classifies by age according to the appropriate classification. This is intended to provide a basic understanding of the Christian Bible at an early age. Although we strive to provide peace of mind to the content that your children see on our site. Parents are encouraged to review the content on their own before sharing it with their children.

Click "GEN ART" and watch the videos.


Gen Art is a space where there are videos to encourage and modify adults on how to teach children to explore the manual arts by also combining biblical stories. These arts can be done by yourself or with others. It is intended for parents or teachers who want to do Christian crafts. Opening children to their creative minds, and providing knowledge of the wonderful word of God. So go ahead, learn how to create easy and adorable Christian art and show them around the house, maybe you can create a great gift idea, or just have a good time doing it. We pride ourselves on providing a space for this, a space we call Gen Art.